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D - Damn you Griffith and your boots
E - Ed/Ling Bromance is best Bromance
M - Mayonnais, ketchup and onions 
O - Oh Finnick and your lack of Clothes 
N - Naga is all like RAAAAAWRRRR 
I -  I would be ttly hawt as a boy
C - Cause it’s adorable 

S - Seeing real pictures of them makes me a little sad 
E - Everything is Pabu and nothing hurts
B - BeeGee is a cruel person
U - Utena
S - Stop whining Louis
H - He’s all like Ew Female lips

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    N - Nooooooo! A - And i love all this beautiful characters so much T - Tom Felton W - Why you do this to me I - I can’t...
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    F - Fight Club R - Russian Literature A - Alison Mosshart N - no makeup C - culture E - elisa S - society V - voluptuous...
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    Holy Crap! EEEEEEE THAT’S FUCKING FIRE YOU JACKOFF Agitated Screams of Maggots scarred for life thor epic i don’t know...
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    March 2013 version Seriously you look like a cheap Brad Pit with this facial hair (idek) uNF PEEEENIS Everything hurts...
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